Terms of Accreditation

The GAAS accreditation for three years when it concludes that the organization is in substantial compliance with the Standards, and the GAAS has no reservations about the organization’s continuing commitment to provide high-quality patient care and services consistent with the Standards. Organizations may receive a three-year term with intra-cycle activities required for continued assessment of ongoing compliance with the Standards.

Interim Survey

An interim survey is conducted for organizations that are currently GAAS-accredited and for which oversight is required to assess ongoing compliance with the accreditation Standards, as with an organization that has undergone an Early Option Survey (EOS). Following the interim survey, the organization’s accreditation term may be maintained or revoked.

Organizations electing an Early Option Survey (EOS) are eligible to receive a three-year term of accreditation; however, the organization must undergo an interim survey to assess the organization’s continued compliance with the accreditation Standards. The interim survey will not be limited to a review of the deficiencies noted in the previous survey report; all core and applicable adjunct Standards will be reviewed.

Note: Organizations that are owned by a solo health care provider and either (1) the organization or the solo health care provider is the subject of a governmental investigation or criminal indictment (other than a traffic violation); or (2) the health care provider’s practice license is on probationary status will be required to undergo an interim survey each year of the term or until the physician’s license is no longer on probationary status. A survey fee will be assessed.