Is Your Certificate Accredited?

A certificate issued by an GAAS-accredited CB that includes the GAAS accreditation symbol is an accredited certificate. An accredited certificate includes the CB's symbol and the MINDaccreditation symbol of the accrediting body. Be sure to look for both.

Accreditation is the means by which an authoritative body (GAAS) gives formal recognition that an organization (the CB) is competent to carry out specific tasks. Accreditation provides assurance to customers that the CB operates according to internationally accepted criteria.

Naturally, an organization considering certification wants to know about the reputation and competence of the CB it selects. The organization wants assurance that the CB is competent to evaluate its systems and that, no matter where they're located, customers will value the CB's judgment.

Unaccredited CBs may not operate according to international requirements. Unscrupulous CBs may offer a certificate without an audit or any real understanding of an organization's processes. Such a certificate is of questionable value for the certified organization and its customers.

In addition to offering accredited certificates, an accredited CB may also offer unaccredited certificates or certificates for standards for which the CB is not accredited. If you want to rely on a certificate, you should understand the qualifications of the CB that issued it and whether or not the CB and certificate are accredited.